Posted by: Laura Berry | July 4, 2010


I’m beginning my fourth week of working full-time in the media.  In the newsroom where I work, I hear inappropriate jokes and lots of cynicism every day. I’m not the only Catholic working in the office, though — a woman around my age is also Catholic and I’ve seen a rosary on the desk of one of the older ladies who works across the room. But the majority of the people around me are probably not practicing any religion.

Two weeks ago, I was working on an article that involved a Catholic parish. My editor told me: “They probably won’t want to tell you anything. Catholics are very secretive.” I just smiled and thanked him for the advice. People have many misperceptions about us.

On my second day of work, one of the other reporters asked me what my religion was. I told her that I was Roman Catholic, and she said “Oh, that’s unusual!” I just laughed. I’m not ashamed of my beliefs and I’ll stand up for them anytime.

But it can be difficult to keep a positive attitude when everyone around me is sarcastic, bitter, and cynical. I’m sure my work environment is not unique to the media.

This blog is for working Catholics to encourage each other, seek and give advice, share humorous anecdotes, and keep our chins up!

Anyone who shares our Judeo-Christian tradition is welcome to participate.

If you have questions about the Catholic faith, please visit the Catholic Answers forum.


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